Meet The Porch Fairies…

Enter the Happy and Nostalgic World of The Porch Fairies and ‘see something new every time you look’. Over the last twelve years our customers have told us they are still seeing new things in our pictures, so we’ve happily adopted the phrase!

The Porch Fairies’ World is full of nostalgic happiness, dreams, magic and whimsy. From the smallest greetings card from one of our many ranges to a keepsake framed print, you can be part of this magical World.

Friendly Little Monsters on a notebook.
Fiona personalising Christmas cards and the new door name plaques at Jarrold department store, Norwich, November 2018.

Our Story…

How on earth did we get into publishing from a background in the corporate life of sharp suits & international conferences in the Motor & Media industries? From Cars to Cards, we simply added a D, Ta Dah!

Twelve years ago we started with six cards, two illustrations and a portfolio of enthusiasm…

After many years, Fi was inspired to illustrate again, and started to create a magical World of whimsy & fairy tale dreams. Our ‘Happy Bunnies’ range is the newest edition to her work.

This together with a love of discovering treasures in vintage & antique fairs, and being raised on the magic of Medici artists, Royal Doulton’s Bunnykins, other adored mid-century artists, and a wish to share the memories of nostalgic happiness, The Porch Fairies (sending a little magic through your letterbox) was founded. This has now become our family publishing company, now based in Suffolk, England.

With our varying skills Nick & Fi are the perfect match not just in life, but also in business, and together have grown the company. They attend events and shows across the country such as Country Living fairs, Sandringham Christmas etc., and are also proud to be stocked in prestigious stores, from beautiful independent gift shops, baby & nursery shops, farm & estate shops, to some of the World’s most famous places, shown below.

Over the years we have grown the collection into hundreds of adorable nostalgic Greetings Cards. This has evolved to be the heartbeat of our company, featuring illustrations by the well-loved Medic artists including Molly Brett, Racey Helps, Margaret Tarrant, as well as Susan Wheeler’s delightful Holly Pond Hill and our newest addition of Brian Paterson’s gorgeous illustrations for Foxwood Tales.

We also have Prints, Gift Wraps, Advent Calendars and lovely papery things along the way. Everything is printed in England, on responsibly certified FSC board, and where necessary protected with biodegradable and recyclable wraps.

It is our privilege to bring you these adored mid-century artists with their beautiful work of the innocence of childhood, earnest little faces and jolly antics all from an era when life was ‘less complicated’. A chance to relive cosy memories and create new ones with the next generation.

So, put your party hat on, open your jamboree bag, and take a trip down memory lane to hooplas & tombolas.

And as we know from our time in corporate life, we must have a mission statement and our aim is simple and comes from the heart, not a shiny desk, folks.

To connect people with nostalgic happiness.

And it is our privilege to do so.

Nick & Fi x

Nick Bishop of The Porch Fairies.

Team Fairy

These are the people who make our paper enterprise happen:

Nick, Director

Loves a spreadsheet (aka a Nick-o-gram), he does the numbers and company organisation.
Has been referred to as a Greek God. He is not from Greece, he is a dude from Oxford.
Can speak German & French, is super bright, and loves travelling in the USA.

Fiona, Director

Creative and PR. Gets through far too much titanium white paint and writes lists, updating with a highlighter pen.
Fave word: Idea
Can’t speak languages but can bake, sing and paint, and she loves the beach.

Steph, Website stuff

She’s on it, she’s a web dude. Drinker of strong black coffee and wearer of the cool Converse.
She brings her expertise online with a touch of magic.

Denise, Graphic Design

Her three favourite words from us are: “Can You Just?” when we need 85,000 cards resizing today.
She’s totally hygge, and we do have some fun fish & chip Fridays together.

Rich, Graphics

King of catalogues and brochures and extremely fast and patient!

This is the wonderful team behind The Porch Fairies, making our ideas come to life.

The Porch Fairies.