Fairy Favourite Treats and Seasonal Delights, a must for every fairy!
However, we must start with…


  1. WASH your hands properly with beautiful soap.
  2. WEAR something sparkly – for example hairbands to keep your hair back.
  3. MAKE LISTS of scrumptious things to make and eat. The Porch Fairies love lists.
  4. ALWAYS use self-raising fairy dust.
  5. ENSURE your apron of achievement is clean and slip it on and tie it tightly with a bow.
  6. HAVE GOOD SPOONS. They are happy to serve at any time.
  7. KEEP YOUR WAND of hope to hand, just in case.
  8. TRY not to eat yourself to a standstill.
  9. REMEMBER your 5 a day – Fairy Cakes, Fairy Biscuits, Fairy Sweets, Fairy Jelly, Fairy Ice Cream and a slice of Buppy. Yes, that’s six.
  10. LEAVE CRUSTS. Crusts are best left in a little pile on the side of your plate without word or comment.

Now we have the rules in place, we can commence the scrumptious box of delights.


All year around

Start the day with gusto with a super smoothie!

  • Kale (2 handfuls)
  • Ripe bananas (2)
  • Ripe pears (1-2)
  • Apple (1) The Porch Fairies like Pink Lady apples
  • Lemon (1)
  • Honey (2 dessert spoons)
  • Ripe Avocado (1)

Whizz together in a blender with some water, bottled if you have it. Drink and try to be healthy!


I had a chocolate bunny for my Easter treat. First I ate his ears and then I ate his feet!

In the Porch Fairies’ enchanted garden there is nothing wrong in chocolate for lunch and teatime at Easter. Some see it as a sporting challenge, others as an entitlement. Only one rule applies. Rule no 8.

The woodland folk tend to have their Easter parade this time of year. Bonnets and splendid finery are worn, and sweeties and chocolate eggs are in the trees. A picnic rug is out in the garden for everyone to shiver on whilst eating their sugar biscuits with a nice cup of tea.

Happy Easter.

Important notice!

Don’t get talked into breaking up all your Easter eggs and putting them in a tin. They will disappear.


This can take place as an outing to any enchanted wood, or at home for a birthday party. Or just for the fun of it in any garden!

If it a birthday party, the person whose party it is should be addressed as “Your Birthdayness” all day long.

You will need:

Cut up old birthday cards, and write the time and date and destination in your best handwriting on the blank side. Handwriting always looks better when you slow down…
These can then be wrapped in pink tissue paper, tied with ribbons, and sprinkled with fairy dust, and issued to your favourite people.
Alternatively, you can always commission The Porch Fairies to make some personalised invitations!

Dress code:
Very strict. Fairy dresses, fairy shoes, fairy wings, tiaras, flower garlands, glittery hair slides or ribbons. Wands are essential at any age.

Food & Drink:
Dainty fairy sandwiches – See Rule no 10. These can be cheese, ham, smoked salmon & cream cheese, sandwich spread, Marmite, or cucumber. Or just Buppy. See the recipe again. But remember that dainty sandwiches would never be seen with a crust on.
Other Sandwiches to look out for soon include Dream Sandwiches, Puzzle sandwiches, Surprise sandwiches, and an old fairy favourite… Sugar sandwiches!
Assorted crisps, cheese & pineapple on sticks, cocktail sausages, cherry tomatoes.
Little fairy cakes with pale pink icing. See our fairy cake recipe. Battenburg cake because it’s pretty, jam tarts, and sugar biscuits. See Rule 9.

Elderflower, raspberry, or ginger cordials. Lemonade, fizzy water or apple juice.
Burfday cake. Essential for any birthday.
Only and ever a Victoria Sponge. Two options on filling – raspberry jam & buttercream, or fresh strawberries with whipped fresh cream filling.
Pale pink or white fondant icing on the top with sugar flowers and candles.
Don’t forget your pretty plates and napkins, and remember that bunting always makes you feel happy!

Pass the parcel. Musical Statues. Musical chairs, should the mood take you. Essential to have fun and laugh lots and lots.

It’s always fun to make things for the birthdayness, or you can always give something sparkly from The Porch Fairies!

Fairy Easter.


Dress code – white sheets for ghosts, black material for a witch’s get up! There are pointy hats to make, cloaks to sew, and broomsticks to fly.

We’ll talk more about more scary stuff nearer the time! The scariest stuff for any fairy is black…although not half as scary as beige…

And finally…
Does anyone remember what “Pop Biscuits” are? What was in them and where were they?