The first book from The Porch Fairies, The Lost Date, features a small but brave fairy (Lucy) who, by all accounts, loses something. The ‘something’ is a date, but not any old date, it’s her birthday date. She embarks on an adventure to find it and encounters some colourful folk who try to help (or not), as we discover.

Highlighted cast interviews:

We are here with Bob & Bell Grob (aged 50 & 55), two of the choice people Lucy meets…

Q: Bell, how did you feel when you received the news you were to be featured in ‘The Lost Date’?
A: ‘Well, I hates fairies, annoying little fings. I ‘ad me fairy grabber wiv. I sticks ‘em on the end and sings to ‘em for hours, then breaths on ‘em, from both ends…ahahahhaha… ‘ave some of that you pretty little thing’. Makes ‘em faint. Result! Anyways, gotta go babe, got me sprout cake on the go.

Q: Bob, same question to you?
A: ‘Dunnit for the bin juice money, doll’.

Well there we are with a couple of the charming ‘stars’ from The Lost Date.

Mr Grob.

Coming Soon: Bell Grob invites us into the ‘Baking with Bell’ kitchen. Belinda’s ‘Afternoon tea of delights’.
Good Luck with that.

Disclaimer: Belinda Ophelia Grob, and Bob Ian Grob, would like to make it known they are not ‘cheap bandwagoning’ in any way, and no recipe books are in the pipeline…ever.

Next: a very rare interview with The Jam Maker.

The Jam Maker.